10 Ways to Keep You Motivated at the GYM!!

HI Lovely people!!

Its the last day of April and Memorial weekend is just about to creep around the corner. That means that yes, summer is almost here!! The gym has started to clear out and the New Years resolutioners start to slowly disappear. What is it about staying motivated that gets in the way? Maybe a little something called LIFE?! We all have schedules and priorities so I totally get it. It is how we manage all of those schedules and tasks on the daily. I play victim to the dreaded schedule all the time and somehow it can also unmotivated me to keep on pushing throughout the day.

Today’s post is all about keeping that motivation and that fire when so many of us start to fall trapped into the plateau. I’m sharing what works best for me to not only keep up the activity but to have steam and fire and intensity! What keeps you motivated?

Top 10

  1. Fresh Workout Gear - Nothing make me feel more excited to workout the next day than getting a new workout outfit. Its so true. I can’t wait to see how it performs. It will make you feel confident and willing.

  2. Updated Playlist - New music is huge motivated. I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten my earbuds for music and I just can’t get into my workout as much. That new hot track will definitely get your butt moving!

  3. Organizing Your Schedule - clearing out ‘ME TIME” is so important. It is not selfish, I repeat it is not selfish to clear an hour out of your day to get some self help. Even if it is just 30 minutes. I have had some intense 30 minutes workouts! (aka my therapy) Hahah! Just the act of clearing the schedule will motivate you to go to the gym more. You will feel like you have the time because you made it yourself, so go for it!

  4. Workout Buddy - This is a pretty simple one but often looked past. I love it when I can meet my girlfriend for a workout. It nice to have feedback and a partner who can help you on your form or give tips but most important, it gives you accountability!

  5. Try Something New - We are creatures of habit. We like to get comfortable and continue. But humans need variety to stay motivated. This is very common and happens to us all. They best tip I can give is to try something new. Don’t do the same workout week after week. Try that spin class you have wanting to try or take a boxing class. With so many options to choose from don’t let your self fall flat.

  6. Don’t Over Promise - Let yourself work toward small goals. There may be a upcoming Half Marathon you want to train for and you know it is something you have never done before. Start off with the 5K or even a 10K work up to the bigger goals. It helps build stamina, endurance and the confidence that you can do it!

  7. Seeing Is Believing - Write down what you are doing at the gym. A friend of mine also does this and I thinks is so brilliant. You can print out a blank monthly schedule and start to fill in the boxes with what you did at the gym that day. You will start to see what you are doing every time you go and that will keep you motivated to keep those boxes filled up. You can also visually see all the work you have been putting into your fitness.

  8. Get Rid Of Roadblocks - Stop the excuses. “I didn’t have my coffee this morning”, “I don’t have a sitter”, The list can go on. We have all done this and I definitely can raise my hand to that! But we need to fall out of this pattern and give no excuses or roadblocks anymore.

  9. Take Time to Recover - Part of working out is breaking down the fat and building up the muscles. Within this process our bodies still need time to recover. I strongly believe that staying motivated is also about taking time off to recover. Those muscles worked out hard and they need time to heal so they are ready to go back of more.

  10. Find A Gym you Love - Don’t think you have to join the trendy box gym for $200 a month because it is what everyone is doing. We are lucky to have so many fitness benefits these days. You can pretty much workout anywhere. Find a place or a setting that you love that will keep YOU motivated to coming back.

    Hope that helps get that fire and vivacity back in your fitness game!




DIY Floral Crown Easter Bunny Ears!

Its Easter Week and I wanted to share my DIY Floral Bunny Ears with you. It’s pretty simple and it will definitely save you a few dollars too! This can make a great addition to your little ones Easter baskets.

I found all my supplies at Michael’s. They seem to have to best selections for floral wire I decided to use the paper wrapped stem wire instead of the green because it gave it more of a woodland vibe. You can always use the green wire and just paint the wire white if you prefer the white bunny ears.

Let me know what you think below. Please share any of your DIY’s and don’t forget to tag me so I can follow along!



Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 4.48.23 PM.png

10 Easter Dresses Under $80!

Hi Friends!

Its April and we just celebrated my Birthday last week. Another year older and another year wiser right?!

I got to celebrate my actually birthday with just my family during the day and of course had my moms famous homemade chocolate cake. It is a tradition in our house and my mom makes one for everyone in the family on there birthday! She would even bake Jamie a cake when we were dating, and still does.

Jamie and I got to enjoy a date night with just the 2 of us for the home game opener for the Angels. It was so much fun and our seats weren’t bad either! My sister and girlfriends also took me out for High Tea at the cutest little spot. I will have to do a post on them because it was so much fun and highly recommend you to go with your mom or your girlfriends. To say it was a good birthday is an understatement! I’m definitely feeling all the love!!

Which brings me to my post today I’m talking all about that perfect Easter dress. Dresses are my favorite piece of clothing to purchase. I can’t have enough. haha! With so many affordable options I wanted to share with you my top 10 Easter dresses all under $80! You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to look amazing you just have to shop smarter! I have also included 3 key styling pieces for any Easter dress. It is all you need to complete any look!

Also, I’m sharing what I’ll be wearing on Easter on this list too!

I hope you enjoy it and let me know in the comments below what you think what you and your family will be doing for Easter this year.



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