Lashes & Lips...

Hi Lovlies! What a super long month right? January seems like it was dragging on by its fingers and toes!  Hahaha! It has been a crazy busy month over at the Reyes household. We are in the process of moving and putting our life in boxes.  I love how easy packing seems until you actually start to pack up 3 kids, a husband and well my closet is like another person in the house so let be real!! To keep my head out of packing boxes and bubble wrap I'm bringing some Valentines kisses and my favorite Tee to the blog. It is such a fun cute tee to pair with just about anything. There are few versions of this print that have come out this past year so I will link a few below with some options for bottoms. I did a simple leather skirt and OTK boots for a more dressed up look but you can do so much with this tee, don't be afraid to let your personal style shine through!! 

Happy Almost Friday, Thanks for stopping by!!