3 Tips on How To Wear Sneaks with your Wardrobe!

Hi Friends! Today I’m talking all about styling. Are you into the sneakers with dresses trend? Do you wonder how to look classy or polished with sneakers? Here are 3 simple styling tips for transforming your favorite sneaks into your wardrobe.

Tip 1:

Tailor your look. Sneakers are a very casual piece and to help make create a more formal look try a tailored piece. Blazers, button down shirts & even a pair of leather pants.

Tip 2:

Adding an Element of Luxury. Like adding your favorite designer bag, a silk blouse that may not be expensive but it “looks” fancy! Adding some sequins and sparkle will add to any sneaker look.

Tip 3:

Dresses and Dresses. Add your Sneaks to any cute dress and you will not only be comfortable but looking so fun and playful! T-shirts dresses are a perfect start. If you are daring then try a high slit skirt or even A-line dress.

I hope you can try out some of these tips in your closet and have fun with it!! You can always share your ideas with me on social!! Tag me I would love to see what you do!