10 Baseball Must Haves You Need for the Season!

Happy Thursday my lovelies!! Today’s post is all about sports and getting ready for baseball season!

I have teamed up with Dicks Sporting Goods to bring you my Top 10 Must Haves you need for the upcoming baseball season!! If you are new around here, I’m a mom of 3 kiddos. 2 boys and 1 girl. Now that we have all the kids in competitive sports its time we get ourselves a little more organized and ready for the season with some fresh baseball swag. We have accumulated quite the collection of the years, but with our newest player Jace getting ready to start T-ball what better way to prepare him than with some fresh new equipment. Dicks Sporting Goods is our one stop shop for apparel, gear and equipment for all our sporting needs.

Dicks has all the essentials from your littlest player to your experienced athlete. They even have a T-ball Essential checklist to make sure your child is well-equiped with the essential ball gear and apparel needed for a successful season. In addition, I even included the “very cool” Yetti Cooler which is must have for any one who want to make a statement on the field!!

Have Fun!!



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