Ice Cream & Donuts!!!

Hi friends!! I have to say first that I'm sorry for being MIA for the past month. Things have been quite crazy the last few weeks. With our recent move life has taken a second to get back together.  We had planned on moving in our new home by February 1st, however there were a few things in the new home that weren't quite ready so we had to push it back a month. We were able to finally get all moved in right before the March 1st and then we had Miss Juliana's Birthday Party to celebrate. If i knew how hectic things were gonna be I probably would have waited int he part for a few weeks but you know I love a little CRAZY! Hahah! This was such fun birthday milestone! 5 Years old is a huge deal!! I had a blast planning this party and it turned out so AMAZING!! I was super stressed out trying to get all the little details done but It was all worth it in the end.

One thing I wanted to do when planning this party and theme was ask Jules what she wanted of course and then really think about her personality and incorporate both. She went through this phase where when we asked her to tell us what the weather was like outside she would always say, "It's raining ice cream"! (like all the time) My kinda weather for sure. That is really what drew me to the theme and Jules just added the donuts to make it that much sweeter. 

I found almost everything I used from decor to party favors from Oriental Trading Company. It was very affordable and can totally be recreated. Jamie my lovely husband created the Donut Wall and it turned out so much better than I anticipated. We had a minor issue with the balloons sticking to it. (I would suggest to use a matte paint NOT a semi gloss) 

Lil Betty's Ice Cream was a huge hit and if your looking for an Ice Cream Cart (Ice Cream Sundae Bar) her company is the best and the ice cream is delicious! 

A BIG than you to Up Up & Away Face Painting for providing quality face painting for all of our guests (not just the kids). All their Artists are all amazing and do a fantastic job! We have used this company before and I highly recommend them.  

I hope you enjoy this post I really enjoyed throwing this party and since my baby girl only turns 5 once, I will hold this one close to my heart!

Let me know your thoughts.  I aways love to read your comments.

Happy Almost Friday!!



Mommy & Me!

Hello lovelies! I hope you are having a great week of L O V E!! We celebrated Valentines over the weekend with just a simple day date. We actually went to this famous lunch spot in LA called Philippe The Original. It is a pretty popular spot that has been there since 1908! if you are ever in town or if you haven't tried it is a must! My dad use to take my sister and all the time when we were kids. We have so many fun memories there. 

Today I bring you a very sweet mommy and me look from Modern Child . There eyelet lace dress is one of my favorites from this shop. It is the perfect combination of girly and chic! I opted for the white version. Jules loved the red and wouldn't stop twirling away. She loves to match with mommy and I can't complain. There soon will be a day when she will dread doing mommy & me looks so till then I will take it all!! 

There are  many more mommy and me looks from the shop. If you are looking for trendy, chic matching pieces you can't go wrong with Modern Child.

Happy Almost Friday!!

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Lashes & Lips...

Hi Lovlies! What a super long month right? January seems like it was dragging on by its fingers and toes!  Hahaha! It has been a crazy busy month over at the Reyes household. We are in the process of moving and putting our life in boxes.  I love how easy packing seems until you actually start to pack up 3 kids, a husband and well my closet is like another person in the house so let be real!! To keep my head out of packing boxes and bubble wrap I'm bringing some Valentines kisses and my favorite Tee to the blog. It is such a fun cute tee to pair with just about anything. There are few versions of this print that have come out this past year so I will link a few below with some options for bottoms. I did a simple leather skirt and OTK boots for a more dressed up look but you can do so much with this tee, don't be afraid to let your personal style shine through!! 

Happy Almost Friday, Thanks for stopping by!!




Beret on Repeat..

Happy Monday friends & MLK Day! I hope you are spending the day with your loved ones if your off! I had to go into the office for a few hours today! The only benefit is there is little to NO traffic. A WIN for me!! We are in the process of moving right now. So if you all are like me and hate moving then you totally feel me when I say its so EXHAUSTING!! I mean just the thought of it gives me anxiety! It can be such a long tiring process. Right?!

I have been so into accessories right now. The hat trend has got me in love with Berets. I think it is the perfect accessory for any look day or night. Just throw on a beret and insta chic!!

I will link a few of my favorite affordable styles to shop below. Tell me what are your favorite accessories at the moment? Do you like to go for trendy pieces or do you stick to classic styles? 

I hope you all enjoy this Martin Luther King Holiday!!



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Happy New Year!!

Hi friends Happy New Year! Happy 2018! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are starting off the new year with good intentions. I'm sorry I have been MIA for the past month. I got super sick in December for about 3 weeks. Literally. I got the flu right after we went to Disneyland and it turned into a bad sinus infection. I really don't think I have ever been so sick. I ended up feeling better right before Christmas. So we spent New Years Eve at home with some Chinese food, champagne and Martinelli's for the kids for our countdown! My parents have an annual New Years Day party so that is always fun to attend and catch up with family and friends.

I wanted to share some of my New Years GOALS. I'm not a big fan of resolutions I almost never do them. I love to have achievable and attainable goals. Even if they seem impossible you still have to put it out there. Get your self in the mindset for success. I'm also doing a vision board this week. I'm such a visual person that a vision board is a great reminder of my daily, weekly and monthly goals.

So to start off the New Year my first Goal is just to be more of ME. It so easy to get caught up in what  everyone else is doing that you can easily lose focus and what YOU are truly about. I know I have a lot to offer and sometimes it takes little reminders to tell ourselves how AWESOME we really are.  

I want to take my fitness and health more serious. I do workout regularly but I would like to step it up a notch. I do 3 days a week alternating between weights and cardio. I really want to see what kind of changes I can do for my body if I workout more often and maintain a healthier, well balanced diet. Its not like I'm a horrible eater but I do have to make more of an effort to eat MORE. I find myself so busy and scheduling myself for to many things that I will literally just squeeze meals in or skip. This is something that will take priority. I like to call this my therapy. Haha!! 

Business is a BIG one. I want to take more opportunities to grow my business. Which also means setting aside time to work away from work. Haha. I do have a part-time job working as a Buyer. I have to go into the office at least 2 days out of the week. Having a creative outlet to go to is such a blessing and in the new year Im looking forward to working with great new brands and growing my blog.  Being a part of campaign this year is also a huge GOAL of mine.  

This is just 3 BIG goals I want to share with you, but there are always small daily goals I like to give myself. If you don't already do so I really recommend It makes you feel great when there are achieved and your ready to take on whatever is next.

So heres to 2018 (cheers!!!) and being the best of ME I can be!!



This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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