My New Favorite Hat!!

Hello friends Happy Hump Day! Today I bring you a trendy piece that I'm currently obsessed with. My new Brixton Fiddler Hat. I got this little baby during the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale and since then they have come out with so many new colors!! I just love them all! It kind of gives me throw back britney vibes! Circa 2001! Ha ha! Who remembers those days? I'm a bit of a fan to say the least. Hats are such a great way to update an older piece in your closet. Even if it's just to go from season to season. Hats always find a way to really step that outfit up even if its a dad cap! I hope you are having a great week so far! Enjoy!

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Hat T-Shirt Sold Out (Similar) Jeans My Fave Shoes Here and Look for Less Choker  


T-Shirt Sold Out (Similar)

Jeans My Fave

Shoes Here and Look for Less



White After Labor Day...

Hello!! Happy September! I can't believe it is officially September and Fall is just around the corner. I love love summer and I must say its probably my second favorite season next to my absolute fave, which is HALLOWEEN. I know we are not quite their yet but just throwing that out there! Ha ha!

Wearing white only in the spring & summer is what you all have been told to do. My Grandmother was the one that told me this rule when I was 12 years old (if I can remember correctly). Then my mother encouraged it as I was growing up.  While no one is completely sure exactly when or why this fashion rule came into effect, I'm guessing it had to be in the early 1900's. So clearly its dated and not relevant in todays society. Fashion to me should be fun, exciting and expressive in all sorts of different ways. So I say throw our the rule book and just have fun and be adventurous. 

My look today is a great transitional fall look. This ruffle dress it a poplin material and can easily be paired with sandals in the warmer summer months then paired with booties or boots and a leather jacket for those coming colder days. I'm really loving these blush velvet booties by Steve Madden. The Velvet trend is one I'm totally with.  I'm having fun finding different ways to incorporate different pieces into my looks. The fit is true to size and super comfortable. Blush is my go to color and it is perfect to take into fall as well as spring. Paired with a wide brim fedora and your good to go! I hope you enjoy your day! 

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Laced up in Red!

Hi!! Happy Thursday my friends! Im taking us back to San Diego once again. Why not right it is Thursday! Right? We had such a good time on our little staycation which I talked all about in my last post here.  Im kinda obsessed this season with one piece swimsuits. They are just so comfy and so perfect for running around with the kids. I love how you can just throw on a pair jean shorts and your ready to go. Wa-la instant bodysuit!! I'm currently loving this red laced up suit by Misguided the laced up details are what I love. It has the perfect combination of sexy and cute! The bandeau top is perfect for tanning and is just such a fun suit! I also want to mention that this suit just went on major sale and its going fast! I've linked it above and below for you to check it out. Happy almost weekend!! Thanks so much for reading!





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Staycation In San Diego...

Hello!! Today I want to share our recent staycation in San Diego. We like to visit San Diego at least once to twice a year maybe more if we can. The kids always get super excited when we are getting ready for this trip every year. One of the main reasons is they get to visit Sea World and of course the fact that get to stay in a "hotel". I don't know what it is about hotels that just get kids so excited. I guess its the new surroundings, pools and of course room service which I must agree with! Who doesn't love some good room service! We stayed at The Catamaran Resort and Spa for our second year.  We had such good time last year at this resort we wanted to come visit again. The Resort is located on Mission Bay.  They offer beachfront rooms and has a Hawaiian flare to it! The grounds are covered with beautiful tropical greens and florals everywhere. You can find Koi Ponds and the cutest ducks just waddling around. They even have the own mascots, The Talking Parrots. It's not an official name but it is what the kids started calling them. They offer Sunset Luaus every Tuesday and Friday. We had the opportunity to enjoy this last year and I would highly recommend it. It was such a fun show. The hotels offers multiple water sports and family activities like paddle boarding, sailing, kayaking, etc.

There is so much to do in San Diego that I didn't want to bombard the kids with too many planned activities. I'm a big planner and sometimes I can get carried away! Ha ha! Its nice to just relax at the beach and spend some family time just chilling!! We have just 2 short weeks till my kiddos are back in school and I will officially have a (2nd year) pre-schooler and a 2nd Grader!! Wowza! I'm not ready for summer to end but then again I'm never really ready.  

If you haven't had the opportunity to visit the Catamaran Resort and Spa its unlike any other hotel and I suggest you do and let me know what you think!! 

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Picking Shells on Mission Bay

Picking Shells on Mission Bay

 This is so classic!! Brotherly love at its finest!!

 This is so classic!! Brotherly love at its finest!!

This was Jace's Favorite thing to do!  Crawl all over the sand then rinse and repeat! haha!

This was Jace's Favorite thing to do!  Crawl all over the sand then rinse and repeat! haha!

James was so excited to all on his own!

James was so excited to all on his own!

Jace was getting so relaxed during our ride he turned around and started to fall asleep!

Jace was getting so relaxed during our ride he turned around and started to fall asleep!

and...he's out!!

and...he's out!!

5 Things To Do With Kids During Summer!

Oh my gosh is it actually August! I know I say this every year, but "summer is flying by"! So typical but it really has flown by since fourth of July. I have been so busy with trying to entertain the kiddos and still keep up with life. I promise to be better at posting more consistently. There are some exciting new things coming to Lauren Reyes Blog very soon!! I'm super exciting to be working with new brands and new opportunities to arise.

Since summer is NOT quite over yet, I have rounded up a few of our favorite summer activities. If you live in the Orange County area then these places will be close to you or you can always find some similar local gems in your town. I feel like every city has a few. Huntington Beach Adventure Playground aka "The Mud Park", we have been coming here for a few years now. I would recommend ages 4 and up. This mud park is nothing fancy. It is old fashion construction play. There are 4 main activities wooden rafts, mud slides, rope bridge and multiple tree houses with building tools such as saws, hammers and nails. (Side Note: you do have to be 8 years old to do any sawing) It is shown that this type of play can stimulate critical thinking in your youngsters. Bonus!! The kids were enthralled with all the activities. 

Since I was only a "boy mom" I had never experienced this with my daughter. Let me tell you it was a whole new experience. She can get down and dirty with her brothers but she was a bit reluctant to get too dirty. Which I thought was so cute!! She even had a little boy invite her onto his raft to help her out.  AWWW!

You also want to bring a change of clothes, your own lunch and I would highly recommend a empty trash bag for all the kids dirty, muddy wet clothes. We always have a blast when we come and it was a success as usual. 

Another great summer must is the Movies on the Beach. What is summer without a movie on a blowup screen sitting on the BEACH! My favorite is Newport Dunes.  We try and do this every summer a few times. It is so simple and budget friendly for a fun family night out. Movies start at dusk so a perk is you get to see the sunset on the beach!

My next go to for summer is The Sawdust Factory in Upland. It is a hidden gem for sure. A one -of- a- kind place where kids can make woodcrafts. They can choose from different designs, handprint stencils (which is my personal fave) or customize anything. We love it here and try to visit at least twice a year. Christmas time is a very fun time here at The Sawdust Factory with so much to choose from. Ornaments, Angels, Tree Stands etc. They do book fast so call ahead to check for availability.

My last 2 Summer Picks are the petting zoo at Zoomars and  Pretend City Children's Museum in Irvine. We just visited Pretend City 2 weeks ago. It is a cute as I remember. There are Interactive Exhibits, Imagination Play, a Cafe and Mini Mall. My favorite was when the kids were all dressed in full Sushi Chef Gear. They were running the kitchen with dinner orders back and fourth. Hahah! If you have not been before I would take the kids for a fun day of play and make believe. Zoomars is a bit of a drive if you are not so close like we are. It is located in San Juan Capistrano. The cutest little beach town. You can also take the Amtrak up there for a quick 20 minute trip from Santa Ana.  Zoomars has been around for over 30 years and it has the cutest petting zoo with Kunekune Pigs, the sweetest sheep, llamas, cows and you can even feed the guinea pigs. In addition to the lovable animals there is a gold mining station, a train and ponies to ride. 

I hope you find this helpful and if you have not been to any of the places mentioned then hopefully you will take your kiddos and have some summer fun cause its NOT over yet!!

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Here is the boy that helped Jules on the raft...

Here is the boy that helped Jules on the raft...

My Look:




Shoes simiar